Make free 3D avatars online [social profile icons]

Using a unique image avatar at different social websites is a must do task. Most easy way to achieve this is by cropping own image or any other favorite photo and use it as avatar photo. How about using 3D avatar image on your profile at different social websites? Following are few easy to

Simple OpenGL viewer tool

For starters: OpenGL stands for Open Graphics Library. It is a standard specification for writing applications that produce 2D and 3D computer graphics. It is used in designs as in CAD, virtual reality, scientific visualization, information visualization and flight

How to shoot, record & upload 3D videos on Youtube?

Youtube introduced 3D videos which created buzz all around. Ever since, there has been confusion on how to create, upload and even watch 3D videos on Youtube. If you got pair of cameras and ready to spend some time trying to shoot 3D videos and here are simple pointers before you get into

3D Youtube videos, new way of web vieweing?

Youtube is experimenting with 3D viewing of Youtube videos. It is testing with a stereoscopic player for watching videos in 3D. Such videos have optional drop down box (see image) with number of options like: red/cyan, focus thru, cross-eyed, mirror split, left image only etc. You can

Watch multiple Youtube videos in 3D cube

YouCube offer an interesting way to see multiple Youtube videos in the form of interactive 3D cube. You can load upto 6 Youtube videos each playing on either side of the cube. Click on the buttons on the left side and enter specific Youtube video URL. Related - Youtube Game: 30

Google Ocean & 3D Mars debut in Google Earth 5.0

Google Earth gets bump to version 5.0 with loads of new features and enhancements including: ocean mapping, historical imagery, touring, and 3D Mars. Earlier we could see major blue oceanic part of our planet but new version promises you to dive into ocean to explore more scenic

3D view of Obama Inauguration from user images

We have already seen's brand new blog and HQ inauguration images clicked from space. Here is the best one - 3D view of Obama Inauguration ceremony created by images clicked by people attending the ceremony. Number of people have submitted images clicked by them to CNN

3D object Juggle screensaver, exercise your eyes

Looks like season of staying healthy 'techno wise'. We just saw how to use Google talk to calculate calorie count of any food item and here is more. Checkout 3D Juggle Saver that show a figure juggling number of objects. Juggling animation is very smooth with number of variations and

Google Earth Glitzy 3D view of New York City

Google Earth is a handy way to view different cities across the globe. The view just got glitzy with cool 3D view of building and other elements. Now you can see NewYork city in all its glory

Download Google SketchUp, free 3D Modelling software

After a long time Google has released new prepped up version of Google Sketchup (version 7). "3D for everyone" is very cool tagline for this new software version release. This free software allows you to design cool 3D models on the computer. It is available for download and use on

Watch Earthquake in 3D real time on your computer

Earthquake 3D is a cool screensaver that allows you to view real time earthquake activity in 3D. It shows 7 days of earthquake activity in a nice graphical manner. While viewing earthquake activity you can zoom and spin the 3D globe. You can also customize the display of earthquake

Create Awesome 3D Animated Avatars with Meez

Avatar is an icon that represents you on message boards, chat rooms, IM programs, 3-D chat rooms and virtual worlds. Most of us tend to use images of celebrities as avatars at different forums, boards and chat rooms. Use of static images for avatars is passe, get animated avatars to