Download Google SketchUp, free 3D Modelling software


After a long time Google has released new prepped up version of Google Sketchup (version 7). “3D for everyone” is very cool tagline for this new software version release. This free software allows you to design cool 3D models on the computer.

It is available for download and use on Windows XP, Vista & Mac OS X. New version has additional tools for power users and makes it easy to find and share models with the world. With edges that automatically break other edges where they cross, objects that are smart enough to know how they should behave when you interact with them.

It allows you to search for models in the Google 3D Warehouse right from the Component browser, take credit for what you contribute and keep track of your collaborators. It is available in free and Pro version with additional features (see comparison).

As pointed by official blog, installing SketchUp 7 on your computer won’t affect SketchUp 6, you will have access to both versions for as long as you like. Download and checkout what’s new with Google SketchUp 7. Here is official pitch video:


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