3D Youtube videos, new way of web vieweing?


Youtube is experimenting with 3D viewing of Youtube videos. It is testing with a stereoscopic player for watching videos in 3D. Such videos have optional drop down box (see image) with number of options like: red/cyan, focus thru, cross-eyed, mirror split, left image only etc.


You can view same video with different options and visualize different aspect of same videos in focus. To view such videos you need to add following tags:

yt3d:enable=true Enables the view mode.
yt3d:aspect=3:4 Sets the aspect of the encoded video.
yt3d:swap=true Swaps the left and right sources.

This is purely an experimental project by a Google employee Peter in his 20% of free time. This for sure can be enhanced further and add new dimension of viewing videos on web. See 3D enabled Youtube videos [source]



  1. Great work with the 3D videos on youtube but I want to report a major bug!!!!!!!

    We start with this exemple: youtube.com/watch?v=W4IH2OS3SKY&feature=player_embedded

    If I want to see this video, on youtube site, there is no problem. I click “3D” and I choose my favorite viewing mode: magenta green, red cyan, crosseye etc. etc.
    But if I want to embed this video on my site I don’t have de 3D button to select the prefered viewing method, and the video is crosseye, by default, even I select on youtube the red/cyan mode! (My website is for anaglyphic content and is a major problem!) This happend on some 3D videos, not in all the cases!
    I see two way to solve this big problem:
    1. When I customize the embed code, would better to have the option of viewing mode (red/cyan, green magenta, crosseye etc.).
    2. The second and more complicate solution is the design of 3D button on the embeded players because this selector is show only when I watch a video on youtube site!

    I hope that Youtube solve quickly this problem!

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