Google Ocean & 3D Mars debut in Google Earth 5.0


Google Earth gets bump to version 5.0 with loads of new features and enhancements including: ocean mapping, historical imagery, touring, and 3D Mars. Earlier we could see major blue oceanic part of our planet but new version promises you to dive into ocean to explore more scenic beauty.


New touring feature makes it simple to create an easily sharable, narrated, fly-through tour just by clicking the record button and navigating through your tour destinations. Now you can see any place on earth at any given point in present or past. Previously, we could only see current view of specific place but now you can check view of specific place at any previous recorded day or date.

You can also relish Mars in 3D view, by selecting “Mars” from the toolbar in Google Earth, you can access a 3D map of the Red Planet featuring the latest high-resolution imagery, 3D terrain, and annotations showing landing sites and lots of other interesting features. Checkout following video, read more here and here – Download Google Earth



  1. Uhh, Google already has a project codenamed Project Ocean – its for their ambitious scan every book and provide it online…so would have been good to mention that!

  2. Its being able to use this free of charge is a surprise. I think it is very cool in
    good works.

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