Best websites to download Old version software

"New is not always better", this does apply at-least to few software programs which we use on regular basis.  As such, new versions of application software are released with more features and enhanced functionality. There are times, we need to grab old version of our favorite software as a

Switch between old & new Gmail interface

Gmail has added lot of features over period of time which is supported only on modern (updated) web browsers. If you are accessing Gmail in (very) old web browser version, then older Gmail version or HTML version will load by default. Besides the automatic redirection, you can manually

How to switch to new version of Google Docs editor

Google Docs is an excellent online alternative to Microsoft Office software. You can create Word documents, presentations, drawings, spreadsheets and lots more using online suite at Google Docs. Google has released new version of Google Docs editor with lot of new features like real time

New features of Adobe Photoshop CS5 software

Adobe Photoshop is best image editing software suite. New version, Adobe Photoshop CS5 should be released on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT. CS5 promises lot of new features and improvements. Some new additions like 'content aware fill' feature is already making lot

Google Chrome with Extension plugin support

"... Chrome extensions do not work on Google Chrome installed on the computer". This is likely to happen if you have installed stable Chrome release and not beta release. But from now on, you can use Chrome extension in latest stable release of Google Chrome browser (no need to install

Download latest AVG 9.0 Free Anti-Virus software

AVG is one of best anti-virus security software among list of free effective Anti-Virus programs. AVG pro version 9.0 was released a while ago, now version 9.0 of free edition of AVG is also available for download and use. This software program protects system from online and other

Download new iTunes 9 for Windows & Mac

Apple has released new version of iTunes application. You can download iTunes 9 for your Windows or Mac computer. Installation package also includes QuickTime 7.6.4 player. As expected, new version come with loads of new features and enhancements for managing favorite movies, TV shows.

Download Opera 10 browser with Turbo mode

After you had cool look at glitzy Opera 10 desktop wallpapers, grab the actual thing. Opera 10 web browser is now available for free download and use. As expected, it comes with loads of features and enhancements. Opera 10 comes in 43 languages and works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Download latest Java version [online /offline installer setup]

Java software is required to run Java based application program software on the computer. It is important to have updated and latest version of Java installed on the computer. We have already seen JavaRa utility to remove older versions of Java. After that, you can download the latest

Skype 2.8 for Mac with Screen sharing & WiFi access

Official stable version of Skype 2.8 for Mac is available for free download now. It has few cool new features which were available in Skype beta release. Now you can download the final stable version and relish all new Skype which boasts of better sound and video quality resulting in

Microsoft Silverlight 3.0, download / upgrade to latest

Microsoft has released new version (3.0) of Silverlight. For starters, like we need Adobe Flash to watch animation and effect on flash powered websites. Silverlight is a similar platform for viewing interactive web content (like videos, animations, graphics) on websites created using

New VLC player 1.0.0 (GoldenEye) with HD support

VLC player has been hot favorite of many users to play any kind of videos without worrying about video format. New version of this excellent video player (VLC player 1.0.0 - GoldenEye) is available for download and use. It has number of new features for smoother video viewing experience.