Make Google+ profile avatar photo with g+ button

Google+ craze is spreading fast and we often see avatar photos of users with prominent Google+ button and "I have moved to Google+" text specially for Facebook friends. Do you want to create similar Google+ style avatar photo? You can easily make such avatar image online using 'Google+

Create Facebook avatar photo online

Besides uploading and downloading photos from Facebook, a unique avatar photo is a must routine for any Facebook user. With limited image editing skills of majority of users, even such "not so difficult" task can become difficult at times. You can easily upload any image and edit it to fit

Make free 3D avatars online [social profile icons]

Using a unique image avatar at different social websites is a must do task. Most easy way to achieve this is by cropping own image or any other favorite photo and use it as avatar photo. How about using 3D avatar image on your profile at different social websites? Following are few easy to

Create Seal online [custom royal buttons]

Avatar image on Twitter, Facebook and other social website is a unique identifier for an online user. In old days 'Seal' was used on coat, arms, crest for that unique identity. You can create cool looking custom seal button images online at "Says-it" official seal maker tool and flaunt

Create LEGO style plastic colorful avatar online

LEGO style is simple and yet so admiring to look. If you love LEGO plastic characters, here is chance to get involved in online LEGO style avatar making. The Mini Mizer is a flash based online tool to create custom colorful LEGO style avatars in few mouse clicks. Related - Free

4th July Independence Day YM avatars & emoticons

Independence Day (4th of July) you could be busy doing own thing enjoying the special day. You can bring the flavour of Independence Day to your online world with Yahoo Messenger. Official blog has listed some cool goodies to get going with 4th July Independence Day online activities on

Free Avatars directory, download & use !

Avatars are very important for socially active and networked web users. Avatar image is your online identity and hence it is important to have a cool looking avatar. We have already seen web tools to create avatars from Youtube videos or create awesome looking 3D avatars at Meez. Hey, why

Create animated avatar from images, Youtube videos

Avatar is a social identity of every web user interacting at different social networking websites. Alpoy is a new web service that makes avatar creation process real easy. You can easily make from static and highly animated cool looking avatar images in few simple clicks. Related - 5

Create Obama Style avatar / icon from your images

We have seen number of quick online avatar creators like very basic quick crop avatar creator to little more refined and jazzy at Befunky or complete multimedia 3D avatars at Meez. But no one does Obama Style except Obamicon.Me at PasteMagazine. It allows you to quickly generate avatar in

Show Twitter avatars in WordPress Comments

Wordpress has integerated gravatar support, as a result displays related Gravatar image of a commenter next to his/her comment on a Wordpress powered blog. Smashing Magazine has created new Wordpress plugin that shows Twitter avatar or image next to comments on Wordpress blog. This

Extract & Copy Yahoo Avatar image of any Yahoo ID

There are times we really like Yahoo Avatar image of a friend in our Yahoo Messenger buddy list. One messy and time consuming way to copy Yahoo Avatar image will be using 'PrintScreen' button. Then paste, crop and save the avatar image. How about doing all this in single click? Yahoo

Enter Name & Get Avatar image, simple name to pic !

Want to see your probable face? 'Turn your name into a face' is a simple web tool that does what its name says. You only need to enter your name and click 'Into a Face' button. You will see unique avatar image (hopefully) for