Show Twitter avatars in WordPress Comments


WordPress has integerated gravatar support, as a result displays related Gravatar image of a commenter next to his/her comment on a WordPress powered blog. Smashing Magazine has created new WordPress plugin that shows Twitter avatar or image next to comments on WordPress blog.

This plugins loads user’s avatar by matching the email address to the user’s Twitter email address. Here is the best part– if user doesn’t have a Twitter account, it first tries to load user’s gravatar. If user doesn’t have a gravatar, it loads a default image. This is an optional setting.

There are number of other settings like: it allows you to choose avatar size among 24, 48 or 72 pixels. It builds a valid image for you (with alt and title attributes, etc.) based on user details. It allows you to add a class to the image, so you can style it later. So, if you have lot of Twitter users commenting on your blog, grab Twitter Avatar Comments WP Plugin from Smashing Magazine – its smashing cool!



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