Create Obama Style avatar / icon from your images


We have seen number of quick online avatar creators like very basic quick crop avatar creator to little more refined and jazzy at Befunky or complete multimedia 3D avatars at Meez. But no one does Obama Style except Obamicon.Me at PasteMagazine. It allows you to quickly generate avatar in style and looks of Obama’s Hope poster.

To get started upload your photo from the computer and then rotate, zoom, fit by dragging with mouse. You can also adjust strength of 4 colors in the resultant image. Select the message  at the bottom of the poster among words like: Hope, Progress, Change or add your own custom word.


Click on Take Snapshot button and its all done. For more inspiration you can check out loads of Obama style avatars created by other users. You can also order a shirt or gift someone with any Obama style avatar image. Give a little change to your image at Obamicon.Me


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