Block website images for faster internet in Chrome


Majority of time taken for webpage loading is due to heavy image graphics used on it. One very neat and easy way to speed up internet surfing is by disabling loading of images on webpages. This will not only speed up browsing but also save bandwidth on your slow internet connection. Images on webpages can be easily blocked in Google Chrome browser by changing settings.

Disable image loading on webpages in Chrome

1. Launch Google Chrome browser.
2. Goto Tools > Options.
3. Click ‘Under the Hood’ tab & click ‘Content Settings’ button.

4. Now click ‘Images’ tab & click to select ‘Do not show any images’.
5. Click Close. Now webpage will load without images (much faster, taking less bandwidth).

You can click ‘Exceptions’ button to add list of websites that should load images even when all other websites are configured to load without images in Google Chrome browser.



  1. Had configure SQUID for Windows. I was a linux guru back in the old days until such time when SQUID was released to support Windows and an office consult me of setting up their web proxy cache I tried using this and it’s awesome. In my page I’ve put step by step configuration on Windows with scripting on squid.conf on how to block sites like streaming,porn sites and block port.

  2. does this actually stop chrome from downloading images or does it simply just simply not show them?

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