Make movie caps, screenshots with free Video Thumbnails Maker


Do you want to quickly generate caps / screenshot images of a video? Video Thumbnails Maker is a free application that allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files. It is handy application for home-video cataloging. It comes with own video viewer facilitating the overall process of capturing images from any video / movie file.


Features of free Video Thumbnails Maker

1. It supports of the batch processing of videofiles.
2. Supports majority of common video formats for playback & caps.
3. Customize thumbnail image height and width.
4. Render effects like drop shadow, grey scale and much more.
5. Import and export options presets.
6. You can pause/continue or stop active job at any moment.
7. Support languages: English, Belarusian, Russian, Ukranian, German, French.


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Free version has basic thumbnail generation feature which is enough for majority of users. One can donate and receive key to unlock more features to customize the thumbnail generation process. Download Video Thumbnails Maker [weblink]



  1. thank you very mush , this software helpfully to me

  2. Totaly agree with Ed,its not freeware you have to change that because its misleading.
    I use now scene grabber or image grabber 2

  3. Great Thanks.. its free and cool stuffs.

  4. I’m confused ………..

    I have down loaded the video thumbnail maker which is great ,but I just thought you should know , it’s not freeware if you have to pay for full unrestricted use of the program . Asking for donations is one thing , but when I am forced to donate to get full use of the program it goes directly in the trash . I want to donate because I want to not because I have to .

    Nice program but it will not be staying on my desktop , I don’t like being bullied into forking over cash . ……… Guess I’ll be sticking with Image grabber II ( ) , which by the way is 100% FREE which this program is copied from , you need dot net 2 installed with this just as image grabber II , so whats different between video thumbnail maker and Image Grabber II ? a few more bells and whistles ? I don’t need bells and whistles to get my screencaps .

    Here is an Idea ……. why not issue the program as 100% unrestricted free and ASK people for donations instead of forcing donations out of people who want to use the program , that would be the respectfull thing to do

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