Preview website screenshot in Google search results

Now you can see website screenshot images along with website listing on Google Search result pages. This is possible using 'Instant Preview' feature on Google Search. It allows you to view website photo preview of website URLs displayed on Google search results pages. You can visually

Disable video file thumbnail photos to show icons

By default, Windows will display thumbnail photo / image for videos files. If you have lot of video files in a specific folder, thumbnail view will slow down loading of video files content of a folder. You can speed up the loading display by turning off thumbnail view for video files. This

Webpage thumbnail image preview on new Google Search

Do you want to preview webpage thumbnail screenshot on Google Search result pages? Well, no need to install any additional plugin or implement hack for this functionality. New Google Search interface has "Page Previews" feature by default. It display thumbnail image preview on right side

Free batch Thumbnail Image Generator software

Making smaller size version of images (generating thumbnails) is common routine for many web users. You can make this process easy and quick using batch mode of free Sirius DogStar Thumbnail generator. You can customize different aspects of smaller image like size, background color,

Simple & quick image Thumbnail maker

Want to quickly create thumbnail images? Quick Thumbnail program makes this all easy: reduce size of images to desired level in batch mode. It supports easy drag drop of images in the application windows. You can set the final reduced dimensions for an image and this program will reduce

Make movie caps, screenshots with free Video Thumbnails Maker

Do you want to quickly generate caps / screenshot images of a video? Video Thumbnails Maker is a free application that allows you to make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files. It is handy application for home-video cataloging. It comes with own video

Show related posts with photo thumbnails on blog

Generally we can show related posts as simple text links under each post on Blogger and Wordpress blog. Some sophisticated Wordpress themes do have advance feature of showing related posts along with associated thumbnail image. Well, you can implement this 'so called advance' feature in