Slow Youtube videos? Check video internet speed


“… why is Youtube video loading so slow on my computer?” Majority of Youtube video watchers has this question on mind. There are number of factors for slow video uploading and most important is related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you are using slow internet connection or your fast connection has degraded to slow connection due to issue at ISP’s end, then Youtube videos will load slowly.

Check ISP video loading internet speed

Best way to analyse the issue at ISP end is by checking on video internet speed provided by your ISP. You can check and analyse this online without having to install or download anything. Just Goto YouTube video speed dashboard to see speed information for you, ISP, country and global.

It is a visual presentation comparing your average video loading internet speed with average speed of your ISP, region, country and global region. If ‘you’ speed is bar is very small, then its time to upgrade your internet connection to higher speed for faster Youtube experience.

If you get message “We did not find any video playbacks from your location”, implies there is no Youtube video playback in browser history. You can watch few Youtube videos and go back to Youtube speed page for comparison or click ‘show test video’ link on the Youtube speed page. [via YoutubeBlog]



  1. Timo Lindeman says

    For me youtube video’s loading very slow almost everytime. And my speed is 100 Mbs. pretty often even trying to watch 480p videos still same problem. why?

  2. I had the same problem and increased my speed from 2.0 to 5.0 Mbps simply by moving all electronics away from my modem. My wireless router was next to the modem and apparently that was enough to slow me down.

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