Monitor bandwidth & upload, download speeds

Internet speed is very important aspect of an internet connection. To refine things further, both upload and download speeds are critical measure of goodness of net connection being used. You can easily monitor and view status of internet: sent (upload) and received (download) data packets

Slow Youtube videos? Check video internet speed

"... why is Youtube video loading so slow on my computer?" Majority of Youtube video watchers has this question on mind. There are number of factors for slow video uploading and most important is related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you are using slow internet connection or

Repair corrupt WinSock settings to fix internet connection

Internet can get disconnected due to number of reasons. Corrupt winsock settings is very common cause of internet connection not working. Other application (malicious) software at times change winsock settings that results in no live internet connection. Manual winsock settings repair

Surf web faster – Enable Turbo Mode in Opera 10

Opera 10 beta version is available for download with loads of new features. Turbo Mode feature is getting all the attention for speedy web browsing experience. With Turbo Mode turned ON, you can surf websites faster like never before on the same (slow?) internet connection. Opera

How to use OpenDNS for faster internet browsing?

For starters, let us understand the concept of DNS. Say you type in your web browser, this URL will be first converted into associated IP address and then website will finally open. This conversion from URL to IP address to open website is done by DNS server. By default

Check internet download speed at multiple locations

DownTester utility allows you to check internet download speed at multiple URL locations. You can enter multiple URLs like, etc and this utility will check your connection speed in ability to download data from specified URLs. After the test, it displays the speed in

See Winsock activity details with Socket Sniff

[For Advance users] Winsock activity is important to remain connected. SocketSniff is a small utility that gives large details of Winsock (Windows Sockets) activity on your computer. In an easy to understand manner, it shows lot of related information. This small utlity does not

Balance bandwidth & upload/download transfer rate

Many of us are in habit of downloading lot of things at the same time. We can have a mp3 file and movie file downloading at the same time. Also, we are surfing favorite website or chatting with friends. Net surfing experience can get bit boring and slow due to large bandwidth taken by mp3

How to Monitor bandwidth usage of Net connection?

Webmasters and bloggers tend to disable hotlinking to save precious bandwidth and other resources. Bandwidth monitoring is also important for users with limited bandwidth internet connection with charges per GB. There are number of ways to monitor and calculate your daily / monthly

5 Ways to Surf Websites Faster on Slow Net Connection

There are number of ways to tweak Internet connection to load website faster. Website loads slow due to CSS formatting, images, javascripts and other elements. If we remove these elements, websites for sure will load faster.

Free Dial-up Internet for BSNL Users, WOW

[India Specific] Festival season is about to rock India with upcoming 'Diwali' and other festivals. Companies roll out big discounts to cash on extra spending people during festival season. India's biggest public phone provider BSNL is no mood of any discount BUT give it all FREE. It

10 Resources to Check speed of Internet Connection

Do you feel your internet is working at slow speed than promised speed by ISP? Downloads getting slower and web surfing getting tacky? You can get the REAL download and upload speed of your internet connection using any of the following free online web service. Test and measure your