Free Dial-up Internet for BSNL Users, WOW


[India Specific] Festival season is about to rock India with upcoming ‘Diwali’ and other festivals. Companies roll out big discounts to cash on extra spending people during festival season.

India’s biggest public phone provider BSNL is no mood of any discount BUT give it all FREE. It has made dial-up Internet access free for all BSNL landline customers (till Oct 08). No registration required, get started by connecting telephone cable to your computer or laptop.

Then setup a dial up connection using network wizard. Check instructions in detail here and here. You may select ‘pulse dailing’ option during setup and ignore area code field.

Now enter username, password and telephone number preceded by the STD code minus the zero. Here is an example: If you live in Chennai and your phone number is 23456789

  • Then your User ID is 4423456789
  • Your password is 23456789
  • Number to dial 172222 (all India Number).

BSNL dial up connection work at good speed as compared to dial up connection from other providers. Test drive and enjoy the free internet ride!



  1. Even though BSNl gives the free Broadband , You dont take interest

  2. It is not a good connection we need to do so many formalities to attend this connection

  3. sajilonappan says

    I like to know more details of internet getting from bsnl landline phone connection to my lap top.

  4. brother this is old tirck and this not work right now and by this trick we have to pay money so plz tell new trick for free internet by bsnl landline on my id

  5. I used BSNL DIal-up connection using 172222 in my village too. its gud. We can’t depend completly, but ok.

  6. Believe it when I say that Dial In Free ( is the real deal. I was a little skeptical at first, wondering what strings were attached. The only real “string” is that if you need technical support, there is a five dollar charge. However, the setup is so simple that unless you really don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll never encounter a charge. All you need to do is get your local number, create a dialer, and boom, free internet. The only drawback is, Dial in Free is only available in the 231, 616, and 269 area codes.

  7. @ Albert

    I have used BSNL long back and it worked fine then. From last few years, I have been using Airtel – Bharti Braodband – which works like charm!

  8. Hi Davinder,

    Thanks for your announcement.

    I accept BSNL dial up connection work at good speed as compared to dial up connection from other providers.

    But it is totally waste.

    You can open your Yahoo Mail or Gmail within (!!!) 30 mins. Before I got more bad comment for BSNL’s Dial Up connection review in my another Tamil Blog.

    Note… In India, No one ISP gives better Internet Connection with good rates. Or otherwise the DNS problem is still in there.

    Where India goes… Right Now India buying China’s Unwanted Cables internet Connection…

    So we have to realize each in every free offer the Govt. gives to the people.


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