Surf web faster – Enable Turbo Mode in Opera 10


Opera 10 beta version is available for download with loads of new features. Turbo Mode feature is getting all the attention for speedy web browsing experience. With Turbo Mode turned ON, you can surf websites faster like never before on the same (slow?) internet connection.


Opera Turbo mode compresses images on a webpage and serves up compressed, small sized and much quick loading web pages. You might notice low image quality on webpage as a result of compression. To enable Turbo Mode, goto Tools > Quick Preferences > Enable Turbo Mode


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You can also configure Turbo Mode to enable automatically if slow internet connection is detected. It will remain OFF on fast internet connection. For this, after you Enable Turbo Mode look for Turbo icon at the bottom left part of the screen. Right click on it and then click configure Opera Turbo. In settings pop-up, select automatic and click OK. Surf websites faster with Opera Turbo Mode, if you do not mind less image quality – worth a tradeoff! Download Opera 10



  1. it really is fantastic. apparently I’ve saved 100mb of bandwidth since last night using it. That’s really handy for me because i have a cap.

    If only they could get turbo on Firefox… As Firefox is still a better browser because of add-ons

  2. yousuf hassan says

    opera turbo is really fantastic

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