Install 64bit Adobe Flash player ‘Square’

Are you looking for Adobe Flash support on your computer with 64-bit operating system? You can download and install Adobe Flash Player "Square" to enable native support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers. It is a preview release that supports 64-bit operating system

Restore ‘tabs on top’ below Firefox 4 address bar

Newer version of Firefox browser (4.0 beta) has new position for tabs above the address bar. Do you want to restore tabs placement as in older version of Firefox in newer Firefox 4.0 or above? You can easily move tabs on top of Firefox browsing window below the address bar using following

Download Skype 5.0 beta for group video calling

Skype has added much requested option to video chat with multiple users simultaneously. Till now we could only make multiple users audio conference call using Skype software. Latest Skype release support video conference calling with each user able to see video and hear audio from other

Download Google Chrome for Mac & Linux

Finally, Google Chrome web browser is available for Mac and Linux users. Windows version has been around for a while now but Mac, Linux version took some time to launch. Just like Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux versions are focused on speed, stability and security. Here is is

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, free

Microsoft Office 2010 promises lot of new features and enhancements. We have already seen 10 New features of Microsoft Office 2010 release. Now you can download the actual thing and test drive it on your computer. Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is available for free download and

Add special effects to video calls in Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger 10 beta version is loaded with lot of features like full screen video calling. You can spice up video calls made using Yahoo Messenger by adding cool effects like changing color, adding different elements. Popular webcams come bundled with free software that lets you add

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta for full screen video chatting

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta is out with cool new features. Overall look is similar to previous version but there are number of new buttons and menu options. Now you can chat with Yahoo messenger friends in full screen high quality HQ video mode by clicking all new "video call" button in Yahoo

Download Microsoft Security Essentials free software

Previously known as Morro, Microsoft Security Essentials software has created lot of buzz before the actual release. Well, it is now available for free download and use. It aims to protect your computer from viruses, spyware and other malicious online threats at wonder price of $0. Besides

Morro, new Microsoft anti virus software – first look

Microsoft had security suite called "One Care" long time back. It did not find many takers and was discontinued a while back. Ever since, Microsoft has been busy with new Anti Virus software named "Morro" which should be available for free download and use by 2009 year end. As expected,

Surf web faster – Enable Turbo Mode in Opera 10

Opera 10 beta version is available for download with loads of new features. Turbo Mode feature is getting all the attention for speedy web browsing experience. With Turbo Mode turned ON, you can surf websites faster like never before on the same (slow?) internet connection. Opera

Share screen with Skype friends for visual help

Skype 4.1 beta comes loaded with much requested feature of screen sharing. Using this feature, you can see screen of your Skype friend and help him / her big time solving some computer problem or helping out in making a presentation or view some stuff exclusively played for you! With

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta is now available for public download. It comes loaded with new features and enhancements to create amazing products. User Interface has undergone makeover with improved editor, reduced complexity and better support for floating documents &