Add special effects to video calls in Yahoo messenger


Yahoo Messenger 10 beta version is loaded with lot of features like full screen video calling. You can spice up video calls made using Yahoo Messenger by adding cool effects like changing color, adding different elements. Popular webcams come bundled with free software that lets you add effects, backgrounds, accessories to your video calls.


Add Effects during YM video calls

1. Install your webcam software from CD or official website.
2. Download, install & start video call in Yahoo Messenger 10 beta.
3. Open the control panel for your webcam. On the panel there should be a section or icons for the special effects. Select the one you want and start goofing.


Different webcam products have different video effect options. Check video effects for Logitech, Creative and Microsoft. So while video chatting if all of a sudden goatee and moustache grows up, video effects in Yahoo Messenger is the culprit! [via YM Blog]



  1. to record ur calls i can recommend this tool, i usually use it and i enjoy it)

  2. is video calling available for andriod 2.1 in yahoo messsenger

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