Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta is now available for public download. It comes loaded with new features and enhancements to create amazing products. User Interface has undergone makeover with improved editor, reduced complexity and better support for floating documents & windows.


Parallel programming is simplified, so both native and managed code developers can productively build innovative applications. It enables you to build new Windows 7 applications or upgrade existing applications. It has Office tools to make your solutions more flexible and productive for specific needs. With Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio, it’s easy for developers to build, debug and deploy services and applications for Microsoft’s new cloud platform.

With the Visual Studio partner ecosystem, developers will now be able to work with IBM DB2 and Oracle databases in addition to Microsoft SQL Server databases. Download MS Visual Studio 2010 beta [ Visual Studio 2010 Professional betaVisual Studio Team System 2010 beta]


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