Use Yahoo Messenger IM on iPad

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the favorite instant messenger to stay connected with online buddies. Now all the goodness of Yahoo Messenger is available for iPad users. New and improved Yahoo Messenger app optimized for iPad experience is now available for free download. This allows you

Use Yahoo Messenger app on Android phone

Are you looking for an easy way for Yahoo Messenger chat on Android powered mobile phone? You can do this using official Yahoo Messenger app for Android. It allows rich user interface and experience while chatting with Yahoo buddies through IM on mobile phone. This app is available for

Yahoo Messenger chat online without software install

Yahoo Messenger software is a very popular way to connect and chat with Yahoo buddies. Ideally, you will use Yahoo Messenger application installed on the computer to do Yahoo chat. In case you are using a public computer with no Yahoo Messenger software or you are in hurry to send quick

Keyboard shortcut to open Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a popular instant messenger application installed on lot of computers. If you happen to use Yahoo Messenger on Windows computer, then here is super quick way to launch and open Yahoo Messenger window using keyboard shortcut key that works on all Windows based

Chat Windows Live friends from Yahoo Messenger on iPhone

Do you use Yahoo Messenger on iPhone device to stay connected with chat buddies? Now you can also include Windows Live friends in buddy list and chat with them like Yahoo Messenger friends. New update for Yahoo Messenger for iPhone (1.4) allow Yahoo Messenger users to add and chat with

Save links on Yahoo Messenger chat to Delicious

Delicious has been a popular website for online bookmarking and sharing of weblinks. It went for little makeover dropping its dots and ever since has been improving for better user experience. Now Yahoo Messenger users can easily save links shared in chat window to Delicious account in

Yahoo Messenger Valentine with Hearts IMVironment

With more people restricted to computers and internet, there are newer ways to show love and affection on special days like Valentine Day. You can give Windows 7 operating system a makeover with Valentine Day Lacy Hearts theme or create Valentine Day e-cards or those good old Valentine Day

Next Previous message shortcut key, Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a daily routine for many computer users to stay in touch with friends and family members. If you often use yahoo Messenger, how about learning few simple shortcut keys for quick IM talk? We have already seen 5 Yahoo IM Function key shortcuts (pure time savers), here is

Add same contact to multiple groups in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger users generally arrange Yahoo buddies or contacts in separate groups like friends, family, work etc. By default each contact appear only once in either of group. However, at times you may want a specific Yahoo contact to appear in 2 or more groups in Yahoo Messenger. This

Add special effects to video calls in Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger 10 beta version is loaded with lot of features like full screen video calling. You can spice up video calls made using Yahoo Messenger by adding cool effects like changing color, adding different elements. Popular webcams come bundled with free software that lets you add

Control desktop music player & share music in Yahoo Messenger

Do you love listening to music while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger? If so, you are most likely to play music in your favorite music player and chatting with friends in Yahoo Messenger seperately - how about integrating both of them? FoxyTunes from Yahoo Music plugin helps you

View old Yahoo & MSN messenger chats with log viewer

Sometime we need to refer to old chat logs to get important information already dicussed on a previous messenger chat. Messenger application(s) has feature to see old chat logs but the interface is not comfortable for exploring and reading through loads of chat archive. Free application