Yahoo Messenger Pingbox on Facebook profile

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is cool widget box that you can embed on your blog or website. It allows you to chat with website visitors without having to install or download anything. Now you can put this cool IM box on your Facebook profile. It allows Facebook users to send IM messages

Watch videos In-sync mode in Yahoo Messenger

Ideally we can share and watch Youtube videos while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger. Zync plug-in adds new dimension to watching videos in Yahoo Messenger. It allows you and your friends to watch videos in perfect sync. With this plugin installed, paste video link in IM chat

Extract & Copy Yahoo Avatar image of any Yahoo ID

There are times we really like Yahoo Avatar image of a friend in our Yahoo Messenger buddy list. One messy and time consuming way to copy Yahoo Avatar image will be using 'PrintScreen' button. Then paste, crop and save the avatar image. How about doing all this in single click? Yahoo

Recover password of Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk

There are times, we enter the password click on remember password button. While that application still remembers the password and allows you to login - we tend to forget it. Mail PassView is an excellent utility to recover passwords in such situation. This utility can extract username

Yahoo Messenger chat window advertisement splash

Yahoo Messenger is testing out new feature that may not please some of its users. Till now we have seen image advertisement appear at the bottom of buddy screen of Yahoo Messenger. Well, get ready to see advertisements in chat window. As seen in image, Yahoo is testing to

Sync Twitter with Yahoo Messenger for quick updates

If you are addicted to Yahoo Messenger and Twitter, then Twitter Sync plug-in should make your 'Techno Life' real easy. No need to hop to Messenger Window & Twitter separately, with this plugin do it all from one place. This plugin allows you to sync Messenger status and Twitter

Halloween audibles on Yahoo Messenger, Spook out!

Chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger9 became more fun with introduction of Halloween audibles. Now you can send spooky messages to your friends. As shown in image above, there are number

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons to Surprise chat buddies

Emoticons play very important role to express your feelings without typing any word. There is emoticon for every emotion and feeling.   Dishing out new emoticons while chatting with buddies can pleasantly surprise them. Get over the usual emoticons and memorize shortcut for some fresh

How to remove Ads from Yahoo & Live Messenger?

Are you tired of advertisements at the bottom of your Messenger window? Those flashy advertisement can really make chatting - crap! Well, you can easily say Goodbye to advert

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 is out – Download it Now !

Yahoo has launched official version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 (no more Beta!). Version 9.0 is available for download for Windows XP - Vista and promises lots of new features. Here goes: Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox, a new application

40 Must know IM Abbreviations for Quick Chatting

Want to put your IM chatting experience on steroids? Well, checkout 40 Must know IM Abbreviations to speed up your IM conversations with a dash of style and ease. Here goes: 01-10 | A TO F AKA: Also Known As

How to open Mutliple Yahoo Messenger instances?

Do you want to open multiple Yahoo Messenger with different logged in accounts? Well, this is possible and is very easy to implement. This involves modification of a registry file. Registry can be scary place for an average computer user. So, to make things more easy - just download