Yahoo Messenger chat window advertisement splash


Yahoo Messenger is testing out new feature that may not please some of its users. Till now we have seen image advertisement appear at the bottom of buddy screen of Yahoo Messenger.

Well, get ready to see advertisements in chat window. As seen in image, Yahoo is testing to splash your chat window with ads in an attempt to earn some money and stay afloat (and keep Microsoft away?). Relief is, ads are non intrusive and will float at the top of the chat window (hopefully).

As pointed by Cnet, “… the ad shows at most once per day per user and scrolls away” as an IM conversation continues, Yahoo said. “Right now the ads are being tested in versions of Yahoo Messenger 7.0 and above.” Yahoo can whip up some serious earning if they are able to successfully implement this new feature to Yahoo Messenger – that is: advertisement in chat window!



  1. Amelia H says

    This is sooo annoying! I dont get these ads at the top of the window, but rather all the way to the bottom and I keep accidentally clicking on them when I go to click on the start button! hmmph! Does anyone know how to get rid of them? hellp pleaseee!

  2. babyhare says

    Yup! I agree Brett! I want this to stop. At a minimum, we should be able to config it off. There is a reason some of us bought tivo. I’m tired of ads for stuff I have no interest. IM used to be ad free. Now it’s not. So I’m right there with you on the annoyed scale.

  3. This is outrageous in my opinion. Ads are taking over everything online. Pretty soon ads will be anywhere and everywhere.

    I just got these ads on my messenger yesterday and I’m already annoyed…


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