Microsoft Ad Network DrivePM in India, make money?


In current times of credit crunch, things look all tough money-wise. However, this is no deterrent for launch of new things from biggies like Microsoft. Google Adsense rule internet ad market and there are so many players trying to cover-up and match Google.

Microsoft is all set to launch its Ad network in India ‘Drive PM’ (Drive Performance Media). Microsoft acquired Drive PM last year for 6 billion dollars and now its time to milk it (or use it). As pointed by Rajiv, Drive PM was launched in Canada last year.

There is no official word from Microsoft for Jan 2009 India launch. They have already hired people for India launch, clearly indicating India launch is around the corner. Drive PM website has lot more, if you are interesting in trying new Ad network as a publisher or advertiser. Another one joins the race, hope it has enough fuel to survive!


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