Yahoo Messenger Shortcuts, chat quickly now !


Yahoo Messenger is most popular Messenger application, besided Google Talk. Here are few interesting keyboard shortcuts to make you chat faster with your friends!

There are number of shortcuts to do most of common tasks while using Yahoo Messenger. So, get going with faster chatting by using following:

– Add a contact: Ctrl + Shift + A
– Make a call: Ctrl + L key
– Change Preferences: Ctrl + Shift + P

– Send a Text Message: Ctrl + T
– Send an instant Message: Ctrl + M
– Send an email: Ctrl + Y

– Change Display Image: Ctl + Shift + K
– Yahoo Messenger Help: F1
– Refresh app: Ctrl + R
Besides this you use standard Windows shortcut keys to access top menu. Like Press Alt + M to access Messenger tab, Alt + C to access Contacts tab, Alt + A to access action tab.

Also, to toggle between Messenger List and Address Book in the main messenger screen use Ctrl + Tab

So, are you ready for faster chatting with more friends, cheers!



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