Disable Skype ads that use your Profile information

Skype desktop version of software will now display third party advertisement (ever since it was acquired by Microsoft). Advertisements are displayed in non-obtrusive manner on the Home tab and calling window in the Skype application. By default, Skype software use your non-personal

Allow or block Non-Google ad networks in Adsense

Google Adsense has added interesting new feature that should affect your Adsense earnings (in positive manner). Now besides Adwords advertiser, Google certified ad networks can also display advertisements via Adsense. These Google certified ad networks can compete with Adwords advertisers

Branded Windows 7 themes: Coke, Pepsi, Porsche, Zune

Windows 7 buzz is all around with its official launch. Microsoft has started rolling out goodies to make best of Windows 7 launch. We have already seen Ferari car theme, now here are official 'branded' Windows 7 theme. Whether you like Coke or Pepsi - there is a Windows 7 theme for

Show Ads only to [Google] search visitors on WordPress blog

Some advertisements like Google Adsense ads perform best with search engine traffic and does not perform well on indirect traffic. "Search Ad" Wordpress plugin allows you to show ads only on blog pages visited from search engine. With ads only showing to organic search engine traffic: CTR

Google Chrome Advertisement Video

Google Chrome is everywhere on different Google Web properties from homepage of Google search to splash ads in Gmail, Youtube, blogger etc. Google's official Youtube channel just posted new Google Chrome Japan advertisement video. Sticking to Google Tradition, video is slick and

Yahoo Messenger chat window advertisement splash

Yahoo Messenger is testing out new feature that may not please some of its users. Till now we have seen image advertisement appear at the bottom of buddy screen of Yahoo Messenger. Well, get ready to see advertisements in chat window. As seen in image, Yahoo is testing to

I’m a PC Gear is out on Zazzle, wanna buy ?

Windows, Life without walls - I'm a PC campaign has been going around for a while now. We have already seen few free goodies from Microsoft a part of this campaign. Microsoft has partnered with Zazzle to roll out more

Google Adsense For Games, money for You & Google !

According to comScore, "... over 25% of Internet users play online games every week, which is over 200 million users worldwide". To cash on this number of ever growing netizen playing games, here is "Google Adsense for Games". You can display video ads, image ads, or text ads

Yahoo-Google Ad Deal, Google got site to explain ALL

Google and Yahoo are getting closer and will soon implement Advertisement deal. This has resulted in negative vibes with some fearing strengthening of Google domination. Well, Google has exclusive website to explain

How to remove Ads from Yahoo & Live Messenger?

Are you tired of advertisements at the bottom of your Messenger window? Those flashy advertisement can really make chatting - crap! Well, you can easily say Goodbye to advert

Windows Vs Walls Wallpaper, Download it now

Its Windows Vs Walls - the new pitch line for Microsoft Ad campaign. Advertisement show a wall with cutout of 'Windows logo'.

Make Money from your Twitter profile with Twittad

Are you a Twitter addict with loads of tweets and followers? Well, you can squeeze money from your Twitter addiction with the help of Twittad. We have seen loads of Twitter services but none gave chance to make money while you go about tweeting.