Iphone Ad claiming full Internet Access Gets a Slap

"... You never know which part of the internet you'll need. Do you need sun cream part? What's the quickest way to the airport part? What about an ocean view room part? Or can you really afford this part? Which is why all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone". Above are words

Get Gas for Free by Showing Ads on your Vehicle

Ever heard of Drivertising? It means "... A vehicle that displays advertising for the purpose of drawing public attention to a product or service." With rising gas prices 'Gas for Free' will find many takers. It allows you to advertise few products and services on private party

Windows Vista New Ad Campaign, worth an Apple?

Microsoft and Apple are known for their cut throat ad campaigns. Apple looks ahead with its tagline - “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”. Can Microsoft fight back? Well, they are trying for sure. Microsoft