Windows Vista New Ad Campaign, worth an Apple?


Microsoft and Apple are known for their cut throat ad campaigns. Apple looks ahead with its tagline – “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC”. Can Microsoft fight back?

Well, they are trying for sure. Microsoft want to clear out air regarding Windows Vista and prove to users – Windows Vista is better than what it is perceived!

As pointed by Tim Anderson “Vista is now actually better than its reputation. That’s a marketing issue.” So, can Microsoft get its marketing act together and change mindset of users regarding Windows Vista?

Well, they for sure have to eat the Apple out to make their orange (read Vista) taste sweet, what say?



  1. Well they do not have a problem with new computer sales since there is no choice but most of the folks who downgraded after trying it or those who are running old ‘good enough’ machines will not readily reinstall Vista.
    The lack of drivers problems for legacy equipment will not go away just because MS says so and it’s still a memory hog even after the SP. Wifi networking is still iffy, there are sleep issues and there are so many printing issues it beggars belief; games run so slooooow.
    I just bought a new MacPro and put Vista in it’s own partition – it runs better than on the new HP on my work desk. Go figure. After 3 weeks with OSX I’m so convinced by the Mac, I can’t face booting up Vista any more.
    Maybe this is the crux of the problem for MS. Business will stick with XP even tho’ it will cost them a Vista license and home users will get more exposure to Macs. I suspect a high proportion of them will also ‘get’ my experience too.
    i used to be a PC ‘who needs all that Mac candyfloss?’ user. Now I’m a Mac ‘OSX user experience’ believer. Vista is the floss without purpose.

  2. Henry Wisewood says

    Microsoft Windows Vista; the flat earth operating system.
    For those too stupid to change.

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