Show Ads only to [Google] search visitors on WordPress blog


Some advertisements like Google Adsense ads perform best with search engine traffic and does not perform well on indirect traffic. “Search Ad” WordPress plugin allows you to show ads only on blog pages visited from search engine. With ads only showing to organic search engine traffic: CTR and revenue is bound to increase. To get started:


1. Download [weblink] and upload the Search Ad WordPress plugin.
2. Activate the plugin & goto configuration under settings.
3. Select position of ad among: top, bottom.
4. Add positioning style code (by default ad is aligned left).
5. Paste the Ad code (javascript or any HTML code).
6. Enter list of search engines for which ad will show up on your blog.

After above setup, advertisements will only appear on blog posts with traffic from specified search engines. This is very useful to keep ad clutter out of view from regular visitors and indirect traffic – who are most unlikely to interact with ads on your blog, what say?



  1. the plugin is not available to download at dailyblogtips

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