How to Post automatically on Google Plus account


There are many tools and services to send updates from Google Plus to other websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, services to do reserve of sending Twitter or Facebook updates to Google+ Plus account are very few. Are you also looking for a way to post Twitter or Facebook updates automatically to your Google+ Plus account? Unfortunately, there are not many options as of now because APIs of Google Plus are still not perfectly ready to handle such kind of integration.

1. TwooglePlus: Auto-post Twitter updates to Google+

TwooglePlus is new (still beta) service that allow auto posting of Twitter updates to your Google+ account. As of now, this is a free service and also support posting from multiple Twitter accounts. It checks your Twitter account for new updates and post them to Google+ account (as and when new updates are available).

To get going, you need to authorize your Twitter and Google+ accounts. Once setup, TwooglePlus should work in the background to automatically post new Twitter updates on your Google+ Plus account.

2. WordPress plugins to post RSS Feed to Google+ Plus

There are few WordPress plugins that allow auto posting of your blog updates directly to Google+ Plus account. Unfortunately, these plugins are premium and hence you need to purchase them for usage.

– WP Google Poster [ ] is a premium WordPress plugin for auto posting WordPress blog updates to Google+ account. It only works for users in US and India – as this uses workaround method of using mobile SMS account for auto posting updates.

– Google Plus Automated Posting [ ] is another premium plugin for WordPress users allowing direct posting of blog updates to Google+ Plus account. They have working demo page along with working screenshots for you to experience functionality of this paid WordPress plugin.

3. Is there any Free workaround for auto posting?

Yes, only if you start using Google+ Plus as main update center and send out those updates to other websites like Facebook and Twitter. In this case, you can manually update Google+ Plus account and then post those updates automatically on Facebook, Twitter using either of available free tools like:

Manage Filter and for sending Google+ Plus posts to Twitter.

Extended Share Chrome extension and gPlus app for sending Google Plus updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.



  1. TwooglePlus is dead. There is a WordPress plugin called SNAP that works great for Google+ autoposting:

  2. How about auto post Twitter to Google Plus?

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