How to Post automatically on Google Plus account

There are many tools and services to send updates from Google Plus to other websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, services to do reserve of sending Twitter or Facebook updates to Google+ Plus account are very few. Are you also looking for a way to post Twitter or Facebook updates

Remove Youtube logo from embedded Youtube videos

Don't like Youtube logo that appears at bottom right part of the embedded video player? Now you can easily remove or hide Youtube logo from the default video player. Result will be much neater looking embedded video player window without the Youtube logo image on the video player screen.

Add Share on Orkut button on WordPress blog

Orkut went for extreme makeover and got little closer to Facebook. Besides user interface changes, new features were also introduced. Just like Facebook and Twitter, now you can also add 'Share on Orkut' button to your Wordpress blog. A click on Share on Orkut button will post specific

Generate dummy test posts & comments on WordPress blog

At times we need to test Wordpress theme or plugin on test Wordpress install. We need to manually publish test posts and comments or import database containing few posts. You can avoid both of these options by quickly generating dummy test posts and comments using Lorem Ipsum Post

Show Ads only to [Google] search visitors on WordPress blog

Some advertisements like Google Adsense ads perform best with search engine traffic and does not perform well on indirect traffic. "Search Ad" Wordpress plugin allows you to show ads only on blog pages visited from search engine. With ads only showing to organic search engine traffic: CTR

Protect WordPress blog from exploit injection, Antivirus plugin

Antivirus Wordpress plugin provided added layer of protection to your self-hosted Wordpress powered blog. It can scan and monitor your templates on daily basis for malicious injections in themes. To get started, download and install Antivirus plugin like we install any other Wordpress

Share Grooveshark music on Facebook & WordPress

Grooveshark is an awesome web service to tryout music on demand before the actual purchase. It provides simple and very rich music experience. Grooveshark has now released extension to share music with Facebook friends or with blog users powered by Wordpress. Facebook users grab

Get TypePad features in WordPress blogs via plugins

TypePad blogging platform has been around for a while now. Its rival blogging platform 'Wordpress' has seen tremendous growth courtesy huge community, product improvements and large user base. Well, TypePad is now reaching to Wordpress users by offering official plugins. Using these