Remove Youtube logo from embedded Youtube videos


Don’t like Youtube logo that appears at bottom right part of the embedded video player? Now you can easily remove or hide Youtube logo from the default video player. Result will be much neater looking embedded video player window without the Youtube logo image on the video player screen. This can be easily implemented by adding small code to the default iframe embed code for Youtube videos.

Embed code for logoless Youtube video player

1. Open the video webpage of Youtube video that you want to embed and display. Then under the video player window, click Share and then click Embed button to view the complete embed code.

2. Copy the iframe embed code displayed and add ?modestbranding=1 at the end of the video URL in your embed code. Then paste modified code to your blog or website template to display Youtube video player without Youtube logo image. [via Youtube blog]

Although you can embed and display Youtube videos on WordPress blog without plugin support. But this method does not work with iframe video embed code in WordPress. You need to use specific WordPress plugins like iframe embed for Youtube or manually add code for iframe support to function.php file of your WordPress install.

Limitations of using Logoless Youtube video embed

1. This feature of logoless Youtube video player can only be implemented while using iframe embed code and not while using old embed code.

2. While the default Youtube logo is removed from the video player screen, a small Youtube text label is still displayed in the upper-right corner of a paused video when the user’s mouse pointer hovers over the player.


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