Remove Youtube logo from embedded Youtube videos

Don't like Youtube logo that appears at bottom right part of the embedded video player? Now you can easily remove or hide Youtube logo from the default video player. Result will be much neater looking embedded video player window without the Youtube logo image on the video player screen.

Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress without Plugin

Do you want to embed and display Youtube videos on your Wordpress blog? There are number of Wordpress plugins to extend functionality of Wordpress and do more. However, you can easily insert and show any Youtube video player on Wordpress blog post or page without any plugin script.

Upload & host HD videos for free on TinyPic

TinyPic has been favorite web service to upload and share photos with ease. Soon it may become preferred web service to host HD (high Definition) videos. Now you can upload videos in HD format upto 200MB size. As pointed by Webware, this limit will be raised to 500MB per video. There is no

Embed Youtube Videos in Slideshare presentations

Long time we checked out how to embed Youtube videos in Powepoint presentation? In current web2.0 ways, creating and sharing presentation online is more easy (powerpoint is sort of passe'). Slideshare is one of the leading web service to make and share presentations with ease. They just

Add video to Twitter profile page in Bubble form

There are number of web apps to spice up Twitter functionality. Here is BubbleTweet that make your Twitter profile very personal and interactive. It adds an introduction video in the form of a bubble. This video bubbles appear and plays video only one time and then vanishes. To get

How to embed Youtube Videos in Widescreen format ?

Youtube Videos have gone widescreen and Stereo HQ. If you use the usual embed code, a widescreen video will appear in default size and not widescreen. However, now Youtube offer lot of customization options 'size-wise' to embed Youtube videos. To get started look for a small wheel icon

Insert & Play Youtube Videos in PowerPoint Presentation

With everyone playing around with videos these days, how about adding a Youtube video to your PowerPoint presentation? One can easily insert and play Youtube Video within PowerPoint presentation real time with the help of YouTube Video Wizard. Procedure of using this is real easy. To