Upload & host HD videos for free on TinyPic


TinyPic has been favorite web service to upload and share photos with ease. Soon it may become preferred web service to host HD (high Definition) videos. Now you can upload videos in HD format upto 200MB size. As pointed by Webware, this limit will be raised to 500MB per video. There is no need to register – just hit the browse button, select HD video option from dropdown box and quick upload any video.


After the video upload, you can embed that video on your blog / website or share with your friends. Just like TinyPic image hosting, video hosting is quick and reliable. Upload your HD videos on Tinypic without bells and whistles, you will love it. Here is example video:

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic



  1. Vimeo is nice but they are afraid of anything even slightly controversial.

    Richard Norton

  2. Very Nice website. No need to register. But for a better quality service, I still prefer Vimeo.com , because it supports high definition videos, and it has an elegant web design.

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