How to play WebM video files

WebM is an emerging free to all video technology platform for high quality videos on the internet. You can playback WebM video files directly in the web browser using new technology of HTML5. There is no need to install seperate plugins to watch WebM format videos. You can use modern web

What is WebM video format

WebM is a new technology endeavour for high quality video viewing on the internet. It is a project dedicated to developing a high quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone. It is supported by number of big companies like Google, Opera, Mozilla and so on.

Create HD video from images with PhotoFilmStrip

Majority of people click photos using digital camera and mobile phones. Want to render your photos a motion in HD format? Photo Film Strip is a free tool that allows you to create cool video from bunch of images stored on your computer. It has simple interface and has right balance to

Watch high quality original version of Youtube videos

Youtube is a cool online place to watch videos related to any topic, person or place. However, sometimes the quality of video can be real turn off. Are you tired of broken pixels and poor quality streaming videos on youtube? Using a basic technique, you can watch videos in exact format as

Share HD video movies on Twitter: Vidly is very popular URL shortening service. Taking inspiration of sorts, here is Vidly that serves another feature for using Twitter. It allows you to upload and share videos with Twitter friends. Besides the usual quality videos, it also supports high definition and high resolution

New VLC player 1.0.0 (GoldenEye) with HD support

VLC player has been hot favorite of many users to play any kind of videos without worrying about video format. New version of this excellent video player (VLC player 1.0.0 - GoldenEye) is available for download and use. It has number of new features for smoother video viewing experience.

Upload bigger Youtube videos & new HD embed option

Youtube is getting loads of HD (high definition) video content. As expected, to prep up more HD content on the website Youtube has doubled the allowed video size uploads. Now you can upload videos upto 2GB in size as against 1GB. This means you can upload videos with higher resolution and

Watch HD trailors of latest movies on Youtube

Youtube has loads of video content and lots of content get added on daily basis. Organising video content and providing easy to browse functionality is not easy. Youtube is doing its bit to organize video content and now has special section for latest trailors (teasers) of movies that

Download HD video movie trailers from Apple, Yahoo

Are you tired of visiting and flipping webpage at and to view latest HD movie trailers? HD Movie Trailer Downloader application saves you from this flipping and provide access to latest movie trailers from Apple and Yahoo in one interface. You can

Share & link to HD Youtube videos [official hack]

HD (high definition) videos are storming Youtube with their number increasing day by day. Ever since launch of HD videos, there has been confusion regarding sharing and linking of HD Youtube videos. We have already seen ways to search and watch HD videos on Youtube. There were many

Upload videos for free on Flickr, HD for PRO

Video upload option on Flickr is now available for all members (free and Pro). Free account members can now share 2 videos a month (need to install Uploadr version 3.1.4 available on Flickr Tools page). HD (high definition) video upload option is only available to PRO

Upload & host HD videos for free on TinyPic

TinyPic has been favorite web service to upload and share photos with ease. Soon it may become preferred web service to host HD (high Definition) videos. Now you can upload videos in HD format upto 200MB size. As pointed by Webware, this limit will be raised to 500MB per video. There is no