What is WebM video format


WebM is a new technology endeavour for high quality video viewing on the internet. It is a project dedicated to developing a high quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone. It is supported by number of big companies like Google, Opera, Mozilla and so on. Soon you will see lot of online videos in WebM format using HTML5 tags.

Benefits of WebM video format files

1. It supports very high quality video viewing.

2. Enables great video playback performance, even on older computers.

3. It is completely free and open to everyone platform.

4. Supported on popular video sites like YouTube and so on.

WebM videos will not require any additional plugin for high quality playback. You can either use WebM supported web browser for viewing online WebM videos or use Media Player software with WebM support. [via webmproject]

Watch & playback WebM videos

There are number of different ways to play WebM videos on your computer without need for additional plugin installation by using web browser and media player software with WebM support.


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