Upload & host HD videos for free on TinyPic

TinyPic has been favorite web service to upload and share photos with ease. Soon it may become preferred web service to host HD (high Definition) videos. Now you can upload videos in HD format upto 200MB size. As pointed by Webware, this limit will be raised to 500MB per video. There is no

Direct Youtube upload from Live MovieMaker & Gallery

LiveUpload is new plugin that makes the process of uploading videos to Youtube very easy. Using this plugin you can directly upload video to Youtube from Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta and Windows Live MovieMaker Beta. After you install the plugin a new menu link

Upload Large Videos upto 1GB To Youtube Account

Youtube has launched new video uploader that allows you to do all in web browser. Now you can upload large videos from 100MB to 1GB. New uploaded has number of features like: you can enter in your video's metadata (title, description, tags, etc.) while the upload is processing.