Add Print button to Google Chrome toolbar


Print function is a very basic feature of any web browser. It allows you to print any webpage being viewed in a web browser. Google Chrome has print functionality but the interfacing button is missing. You can easily add print button to Google Chrome toolbar for single click printing action.

Add print button to Chrome toolbar

Launch Google Chrome browser and install Printly extension for Chrome. After install, you should see print button on Google Chrome toolbar. You can print any webpage by clicking that print button.

Other ways to print webpages in Chrome

1. Use shortcut key Ctrl + P to print webpages in Google Chrome.

2. Right click on the webpage and click ‘print’ option in the pop-up menu to initiate printing.



  1. my print button has disappeared as it has done in the past. I have google chrome,but I also have windows 7. Im not sure if it took or not.

  2. I have MAC OSX and using chrome, I have a couple of extensions installed, including the print one, but the button doesn’t appear to the right of the address field. Instead, there is an expand icon which drops down a”list” of buttons. I don’t want this expand button, I just want to see my buttons to the right of the address field!!!! Anyone know how to get rid of that expand “feature” ?

    Cheers, Vince

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