Stop Google Plus users from sending emails on Gmail

Google has introduced a new feature that allows any Google Plus user (even unknown strangers) to email you on your connected Gmail account. While this is a next step for integration of Google Plus with other Google services like Gmail but it can be a major privacy hazard. By default this

Stop google from using google+ profile photo & name in ads

Google has updated terms of services with an important change of Shared Endorsements in Ads option "How your Profile name and photo may appear (including in reviews and advertising)". This option of "Shared Endorsements" allow Google to use your Google+ profile name and photo in

Embed & display Google Plus posts on website

Following very quickly and closely to Facebook - Google+ has launched embed posts feature. Now users can embed and display Google+ posts on their websites and blogs. Embedded posts appear in a neat user interface design. Users can only embed public posts, this feature is not available for

Enable HD quality videos for Google Hangouts chat

Now you can control quality of video during Google Hangouts video chat session. Based on the internet connection speed of participating people in the video chat, you can customize bandwidth settings for best possible video and audio quality. If you high speed internet connection, HD webcam

Turn off automatic Photo enhance on Google Plus

Google Plus has again refreshed the user interface and added new features like auto enhance. This feature automatically works in the background on new uploaded photos in your Google+ account. As the name suggests, it enhances look of images using automatic photo filters. This feature

Upload large full size photos on Google Plus without resizing

Do you love uploading and sharing photos on Google Plus website? You can make this experience king size by uploading full size large images on your Google+ profile. By default, big photos are automatically re-sized to 2048 pixels on their longest edge during the upload process. You can

Use animated gif as Google Plus Profile photo

Were you looking for way to animate your avatar photo on Google Plus profile? Well, this is officially possible as Google Plus profiles now support animated gif images to be used as profile photo. Use of animated gifs on social networking websites always had divided opinion: some love it

How to stop email invites to join Google+ Communities

Are you receiving lot of email messages to join specific communities on Google+ Plus? Similar to "groups" feature on Facebook, Google+ Plus has added "communities" feature. It provides platform for Google+ Plus users to start and engage in discussion on specific topics. Since this is a new

Disable downloading of photo albums on Google+ Plus

Upload, viewing and sharing photos is an important routine among Google+ Plus users. Google has added few new features and  improvements to photos section of Google+ Plus service. Now you can view photos is cool full screen slideshow format with automatic toggling of photos. Google+ Plus

Custom vanity URL for Google+ Plus profile

It was expected and finally Google has introduced vanity URLs for Google+ Plus profiles. Now one can customize and change long Google+ profile URL into small easy to share URL. As with other Google+ features, option to customize profile URL will be slow off the block due to limited

Show or hide birthday date on Google+ profile

Did you see pop-up box for updating your Birthday date information on your Google+ profile? You can easily add, remove or hide birthday date details on Google+ Plus account information page. Once you add birthday date information, your friends and family members on Google+ can easily send

How to Post automatically on Google Plus account

There are many tools and services to send updates from Google Plus to other websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, services to do reserve of sending Twitter or Facebook updates to Google+ Plus account are very few. Are you also looking for a way to post Twitter or Facebook updates