Update Facebook status from Google+ automatically

If you have moved on to Google+ from Facebook and loving the experience - how about keeping both Google+ and Facebook friends updated with your latest status updates. Ideally, you would login into Google+ and Facebook separately and post same update manually on each social networking

Remove Google+ Plus profile from search engines

Google+ is great way to network with friends online. You can create dedicated Google+ Plus profile complete with your profile photo and personal details. However, due to privacy concerns few users may want to restrict access to information on Google+ Plus profile. By default, all Google+

Google+ Plus visual Cheat Sheet

Google+ Plus, the social networking website from Google is making all the positive buzz. The user-interface and features are appealing to many users. They are even importing Facebook friends to Google+ Plus for interaction with familiar people on Google+ Plus platform. If you are

How to delete & remove Google+ Plus account

Google+ Plus (plus.google.com) is another Google's attempt to provide social networking service similar to Facebook. As expected, few users will like it and few users may find it useless after using it for sometime. If you feel Google+ Plus is not for you - you can safely delete and remove

Make Google+ Plus look like Facebook

Google+ Plus service from Google has almost every important functionality, as seen in Facebook. Even though basic layout of Google+ Plus is similar to Facebook, few things are still different as far user interface is concerned. Facebook loyalists may find it hard to feel home using Google+

Transfer Facebook friend contacts to Google+ Plus

Google+ Plus is new social networking service from Google, which is in direct competition with Facebook. As a result, there is no direct method to transfer Facebook friends and contacts easily to Google+ Plus service. However, there is a work-around to import and transfer Facebook contact