Add pseudo Nickname to Google+ Plus profile

Majority of us are known by nicknames and other names that are different from official legal names. Now you can add nickname (or other Pseudo name) to your Google+ Plus profile account. For example: Person with legal name 'David Keith Junior' can use 'David Junior' as other name in Google+

Disable & remove Google+ Plus posts in Google search results

Google has taken next step for integrating Google+ (Plus) content on main Google Search website. From now on, when you are logged into your Google account - you may see related social content including: pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know and content

Transfer Gmail photos to Google+ Plus without re-uploading

Google+ Plus has dedicated photos section powered by Picasa Web service. You can upload lot of images and neatly organize them in different photo albums. Now you can add more photos to your Google+ Plus profile without need of manual photo uploading. For example: photos received as

How to create blog or website page on Google+

If you are a blogger, famous personality, businessman - how about using powered of Google+ to promote your brand. Similar to creating fanpages on Facebook, now you can create dedicate page for your blog, website, brand, favorite personality on Google+ Plus website. Making pages on Google+

Lock Google+ photo albums & disable image re-sharing

In social networking space, sharing photos is an important part while interacting with your online friends. There are few concerns associated with uploading and sharing personal photos on the internet. While networking, your photos may appear to users whom you do no know at all. To prevent

Remove & hide Games button on Google+ Plus

Google+ Plus service's Facebook(fication) continues with introduction of dedicated Games section. It allows you to play games online on Google+ Plus website. Also, you can share games score and see which games your friends are playing on Google+ Plus. Tired of too much of gaming around?

Alternative Google+ Plus login URLs

Just like Facebook, are you addicted to Google+ Plus now? Not yet or cannot imagine your online life without Google+ Plus service. Google+ Plus has all features to be a complete social networking space on the internet. With huge Google userbase, you are bound to find people you know on

Download best Google+ Plus themes & skins

Google+ Plus social network service (at is getting all the praise for its functionality as well as very neat user interface. If you are one of many people who love the look of Google+ Plus website, then here are few ways to relish that look even when not using Google+

Make Google+ profile avatar photo with g+ button

Google+ craze is spreading fast and we often see avatar photos of users with prominent Google+ button and "I have moved to Google+" text specially for Facebook friends. Do you want to create similar Google+ style avatar photo? You can easily make such avatar image online using 'Google+

Save list of websites where you clicked Google+ plus button

Google+ Plus button is another easy way to appreciate and like webpages. Once you click +1 button on specific webpage, reference for the same is saved in your Google+ Plus account. Over a period of time, you may have +1d many webpages on different websites. Do you want to download and view

Send private direct messages to Google+ Plus friends

We are already use to concept of Direct Messages (also called DM) on Twitter and email sending. These are private messages sent directly to one person or specific people. We can do same on Google+ Plus and send private message to any friend connected on Google+ Plus. Being private, this

Add official Google+ plus profile button to your blog

Google+ will be center of activity with every other Google service being integrated to Google+ profile. Now your Google profiles are Google+ profiles and you can easily display reference to your Google+ profile on your blog or website. This can be done using official Google+ profile