Yahoo-Google Ad Deal, Google got site to explain ALL


Google and Yahoo are getting closer and will soon implement Advertisement deal. This has resulted in negative vibes with some fearing strengthening of Google domination.

Well, Google has exclusive website to explain everything about this deal and hopefully reduce fears (if not eliminate!). First page clearly shout 3 important facts about this deal:

  • This is a non-exclusive deal that will strengthen Yahoo!.
  • Ad prices will continue to be set by competitive auction.
  • The deal is win-win for consumers, advertisers and publishers.

“… In June 2008, Yahoo! and Google announced a non-exclusive advertising agreement that will provide Yahoo! with access to Google’s AdSense advertising programs on their U.S. and Canadian web properties.”

There is 17 pages Google Docs slideshow to explain you ALL in crisp manner. Yeah, it tell you ALL – except ONE important fact “When does this deal go LIVE?”. As pointed by Danny, since website is LIVE, deal should be LIVE very soon (Early October?). Checkout YahooGoogleFacts website


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