Google Adsense Ads debut for RSS Feeds, very soon


Here comes another way to monetize your RSS Feeds – Google Adsense. Soon to be launched “Adsense for feeds” program will allow you to put Google ads in your RSS feed.

It will contain both CPM (Impression based ads) and Contextual CPC ads. You can manage ‘Adsense for feeds’ from existing Adsense account. Till now publishers were able to show Feedburner Ad Network ads in RSS Feeds.

However, Feedburner Ad Network is only open to select highly subscribed publishers. Existing FAN users will able to use both Feedburner and ‘Adsense for feed’ ads in RSS feed. ‘Adsense for Feed’ feature is still in making as Feedburner blog points out – full roll out will take some time:

“…We’ll give you the full details on AdSense for feeds, including supported formats, how to sign up, etc., etc. when we’re ready for the full launch to all publishers. In the meantime, FeedBurner feeds will continue to be fed as usual, and we’ll be reaching out to select publishers individually to try out AdSense for feeds.”

‘Adsense for Feed’ will result in more income and may tempt more bloggers to offer full ‘Adsense monetized’ RSS feed instead of summarized RSS feed.


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