Sync & use Google Apps in Microsoft Outlook


[Only for Google Apps Premier or Education Editions] Google Apps gets more user friendly for its enterprise users. If you still love the interface of Microsoft Outlook and ought to use Google Apps for business reasons, relief is here in the form of Google Apps Outlook sync for Google Apps Premier or Education edition users. You can access Gmail (& Google Apps) within Outlook interface.

It works for email, contacts and calendar as contained in your Google Apps account. When you are not on computer with Outlook synced with Google Apps account, use the usual web based Google Apps default interface. Google apps Outlook sync plugin uses the offline Gmail protocol, which is much faster than IMAP or other methods.

Users can copy existing data from Exchange or Outlook into Google Apps in few simple clicks. Whether you use Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar, there no wasting time or getting lost with Google Apps sync for Outlook. Here is video explaining it all:


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