Disable automatic synchronization of iPhone

When you connect iPhone to the computer, iTunes syncs iPhone with the information and media as on the computer. This implies, all the data present on your iPhone like contacts, emails, photos, videos, etc is saved to your computer. PC sync starts whenever you connect the iPhone device to

Sync & import Google Gmail Contacts on iPad

Looking for a simple and free method to sync Google Gmail contacts on your Apple iPad device. You can easily do this by connecting iPad to a computer  and using iTunes. After the connection, select Google contacts option and login to your Google / Gmail account to start the sync process.

Sync, merge Ovi Mail contacts & Ovi Contacts

Contacts management has gone easy with new Ovi Mail 2.0 update. Now you can access contacts as one merged contact list from Ovi Mail contacts and Ovi Contacts. It allows you to sync phonebook with Ovi Contacts and Ovi Mail enabling you to view, edit, delete or create your contacts from Ovi

Save & sync Chrome bookmarks on multiple PCs

Google Chrome browser has interesting feature of 'Bookmarks Sync'. It allows you to sync bookmarks on multiple computers that can be accessed through Chrome browser. Once you enable sync feature, Chrome bookmarks (favorite websites) on specific PC are saved in Google account. Any change in

Post Facebook notifications on Twitter: TweetMyFace

Facebook and Twitter are two most popular social networking platforms on the internet. If you happen you to use both and want to spread activity between your Twitter & Facebook account, then try TweetMyFace application. It is a portable software to publish / post Facebook notification

Portable tool to backup, sync & restore data: Toucan

We have already seen best free Backup tools for Windows operating system. If you do not like to install programs and still want to backup, then checkout "Toucan" free portable tool to backup data. It is a simple to use utility to synchronise, backup and secure data to any desired location.

Sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Google calendar

Google Calendar is a cool online application to manage and keep track of important events. You can sync Google Calendar with almost any services. You can also sync Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar using free portable Calendar Synchronizer tool. It allows access to Lotus Notes

Connect Nokia phone to computer: PC Suite software

Are you looking for easy way to connect Nokia mobile phone to computer for easy transfer of photos, music and data? Nokia PC Suite software from Nokia makes this all easy. To get started, download the official software and install it on the computer. Then connect your Nokia phone to PC

5 Free Windows Backup software programs

Data backup is an important routine for any computer user. It is simple yet many of us tend to ignore it. Lose of data inspires enough to start backup (and sync) procedure for future data safe keeping and recovery in case of crash. Following are few simple and free data backup software

Sync iTunes & Windows Media Player music with BlackBerry phone

We have already seen BlackBerry desktop software to sync and transfer files between computer and BlackBerry smart phone. Here is official BlackBerry Media Sync for easy management of music files. It allows you to sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music files with your

Sync & transfer files between computer & BlackBerry smartphone

Do you want to connect BlackBerry phone to computer for easy sync & file transfer? BlackBerry offer Official Desktop software for PC & MAC that allow transfer of files between BlackBerry smartphone and PC with ease. Besides file transfer, you can perform number of other tasks using

Sync computer Clock with online Atomic Clock

Sometimes, system clock may show incorrect date and time information. Most accurate way for correct system time can be had through syncing of computer system clock with online atomic clock (online clock server holding accurate time and date information for every place in the world). You