Start Gmail in ‘priority inbox’ instead of regular inbox


Gmail Priority inbox helps manage email overload in a better manner. You can easily switch over from regular Gmail inbox display to ‘priority inbox’ from settings page. Everytime you login into Gmail, priority inbox should load instead of the regular inbox. It will show neat arrangement of email messages based on importance as against normal listing of incoming emails.

Open ‘Priority Inbox’ by default on Gmail login

1. Goto your Gmail account and click ‘Settings’ link at top right.

2. Click ‘Priority inbox’ tab to open respective settings and options.

3. Select ‘Priority inbox’ option from drop down box next to “Default inbox”.

4. Then click ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom.

From now on, priority inbox will load everytime you login into Gmail. Please note, the unread email count for priority inbox only include unread conversations from the first section. Also make sure, show priority inbox settings in enabled in your Gmail account.


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