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Following Bing footsteps, Google added backgroud image feature to google website homepage. This features allow users to upload and display any custom image as background on Google website. Unfortunately, Google has retired this feature and now users cannot add background image to Google Search website. Previously uploaded background images have been moved to Picasa Web Albums from where users can download them on computer. For few users, that vibrant and colorful background image is now again boring white background on Google website.

Get back ‘background image’ feature on Google search

While officially “background image” feature on Google website is gone, you can get it back using easy work-arounds and alternatives in Google Chrome and Firefox browser.

1. Google Chrome users can install Background Image for Google Homepage. This simple Google Chrome extension adds functionality to display background image on Google website.

After you install this Chrome extension, enter URL of the image that you want to display as background. Once all setup, open for Google Search goodness with colorful background image (that you have selected). For sure one quick and easy way to restore ‘background image’ feature on Google website in Google Chrome browser.

2. For Firefox users ‘Google background changer’ was a popular plugin (, unfortunately it is not available now. They still have alternative in the form of “stylish” extension to get back background image feature on Google homepage.

Install Stylish extension and then install Google by Nolljya user-script in Firefox browser. This will allow you to pick and select any background image that should be displayed as background wallpaper on website.

Above options can easily make homepage more colorful and easy on eyes. No boring white background while you search useful stuff on Google Search. [Updated Article – originally published on Oct 1, 2009]




    I hope this helps!

  2. Hey,

    Refer below post to find the detailed steps to add the background image to Google home page:


  3. i want to put a background to google

  4. fixit man says

    What worked for me;
    just use the numeric ip-address of

    for your safety you may check that it truely is google:

  5. Doesn’t Google have anything else to do than to mess with the background image? It’s seems everything is going downhill now days.

    • First, they played PacMac music non-stop for an entire day, with no way to turn it off. Now, I get some picture that I don’t want, with no way to turn it off (even though they say you can). ARGH !@#$%^&*

  6. Hilbert Levitz says

    Mine changed automatically. I want my old plain vanilla Google page back.
    How do I do that.

  7. hii, i didnt get a option so, did google created that option to indian users ??

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  9. This feature is possible now, without plugins.

    See here:

    But is it a good thing?

  10. Robert of Chicago says

    Google Background Changer add-on is for older versions of Firefox (Firefox: 1.5 – 3.5.) only.

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