Change background wallpaper on Google like Bing


Bing search from Microsoft made all the right buzz for its glitzy and very cool daily background image wallpapers. Now you can do similar (officially) on Google homepage. New feature allows you to add and display background wallpaper image on Google homepage instead of usual all white plain background.

Add & change background image on Google homepage

1. Goto and login into your Google account.

2. Click ‘Change Background Image’ button at bottom left part of Google homepage.

3. Then select image for displaying as background from public gallery or from your Picasa photo albums. You can use images with minimum 800X600 resolution of either format: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, RAW.

4. After making photo choice, click Select button to display that image as background wallpaper on Google search homepage. [via Google Blog]

Don’t see the above option? Google will be rolling out this feature in coming weeks in phased manner, you should see that option very soon. In the meantime you can do similar in Firefox using Google Background Changer plugin.

Also, you can play around and change default Google logo with any colorful Google doodle in Chrome browser. Google homepage, no longer plain white boring – what say?



  1. hey i have a question, where can i find the “Change Background Image” ?? thanks..

  2. s.kaarthiga says

    i like to see my google background image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont like to turn off………………………….

  3. why does google not show its background i selected once i log out from my google account? Is there any way to keep the selected background as my homepage even i logout?

    • if you want to keep the same baground click on the icon onthe rigth ide of the page and it will be set even if you logout

  4. prashant saxena says

    Thanks google
    you are very helpful

  5. i liked it

    It is really cool guys…try it

  7. I was having difficulty with the Google background wallpaper failing to upload my images, but then I found a site called Gazoomy ( which uses Google but it’s stunning.

    It’s a very slick version of Google and the images look beautiful with the transparent search bar and results page. The results page updates on the fly as you enter information into the search bar, so it’s very very nice and highly recommended.

  8. hey Guys All Of Freak minded… u Are such a Idiots its nice And Attractive Home Page Feature So Shut up And If u Want To Turn Off This Feature Just Log out For G mail For Google Home Page Its Simple

  9. Google User says

    For years I have been used Google as my homepage, until this morning. This horrible BING theme background is just unacceptable. It is making my page to load slowly and reading the text is becoming harder with all the colors, instead of the white page.

    I am terrible disappointed Google is now acting as Microsoft. One of the main advantages of Google is that it was simple and gives me what I was looking for. I am not looking for background images on my homepage, if that were the case I would be a Bing user and not a Google user.
    This is just a horrible copy of Bing.

    You have remembered me when some marketing burocrat tried to change the flavour of Coke!!!


  10. Google has lost me. It’s back to Firefox. I too DO NOT like having these (in my case) gaudy baubles staring me in the face whilst searching. I have no desire to create an account to return the good old ‘black’ page…unbelievable.

  11. Forcing me to have bloody pictures of tree’s as my background with no way to remove it. Having used Google from its first inception online, prefering it to the other search engines of the day, this is a sad day. The main reason I liked google was its simplicity and not forcing me to download and be subjected to loud images that got in my way and made things difficult to see.
    Now I have a bunch of frakking trees and there is no ‘Remove background image’. So I will have to go to the effort of creating and uploading a blank white page so I can not be forced to look at this crap? Hardly, I will just stop using google and its services.

  12. This feature makes me angry. grrr. how do i turn this f***kin thing off!

  13. left hand bottom “Change background image” link will be there to disable wallpaper.

  14. This is a cute feature and everything, but I hate it. How do I turn it off?

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