Set number of email items in Priority Inbox sections

Gmail priority inbox feature organize email messages into different sections as per message importance. Email messages or items are sorted into sections like: Important and unread, Important, Starred and Everything else. You can customize further by customizing or changing number of email

How to enable & use Priority Inbox in Gmail

Gmail Priority Inbox is an experimental feature that should be available to all Gmail users. It allows automatic sorting of email messages based on their importance. To get started, enable Gmail priority inbox feature in your Gmail account and configure basic settings to view more

Hide marker arrows in Gmail priority inbox

Gmail's priority inbox uses different colored marker arrow symbols for more visible classification of email messages. These arrow symbols color can quickly help identify the importance of specific message. While this is useful, few users may want to remove these marker arrows for neater

Show or hide Priority inbox in Gmail

Priority inbox is a new Gmail feature that allow better organization of emails. It can sort email messages based on their importance using custom settings. You can easily hide or enable back display of 'priority inbox' in Gmail by configuring options from the settings page. Priority inbox

Meaning of arrow markers in Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail Priority Inbox classsify and sort email messages based on their importance. It makes this classification more visible with the help of arrow marker symbols. It shows a different colored arrows to indicate different types of messages in the priority inbox of your Gmail

Start Gmail in ‘priority inbox’ instead of regular inbox

Gmail Priority inbox helps manage email overload in a better manner. You can easily switch over from regular Gmail inbox display to 'priority inbox' from settings page. Everytime you login into Gmail, priority inbox should load instead of the regular inbox. It will show neat arrangement of

‘Gmail priority inbox’ for automatic email sorting

Do you receive lot of emails that drain your time while checking them in Gmail inbox? Now you can manage the incoming email overload in better manner using 'Gmail priority inbox'. It is an experimental feature that allows automatic sorting of incoming email messages, so that you see most