Integerate Adsense & Analytics for better performance


This buzz has been going around for a while now and finally it has arrived – ability to integrate your Google Adsense and Google Analytics account.

This will be very good to understand user behaviour and tracking other aspects of money making with Adsense. Lot of things to look forward after you integrate Adsense & Analytics account. It will allow:

  • Access to in-depth reports about user activity on your site.
  • Track AdSense performance both by page and by referring site.
  • Help in better user experience & increase revenue potential.

Besides above, Adsense blog list various useful ways to benefit from this integration. You can use geographies report and work on areas that are contributing less number of users. Also, analyse ‘referring websites’ data to maximize earning potential.

This integration is being rolled out in phased manner. You will receive invitation within your respective accounts as and when it is available for you. Check this video for more details.


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