Add & link Facebook account with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail can be used for more just sending and receiving email. If you are an active Facebook and Yahoo Mail user, then you can enjoy goodness of Facebook from within Yahoo Mail inbox. For this you need to add and link your Facebook account with your Yahoo Mail account. Once you link

Link & login Zoho with Facebook account

Zoho is a full featured free online office suite like Google Docs & other MS Office alternatives. Now you can use Zoho online tools using your Facebook account. You can simply login using Facebook account, thereby eliminating the need to create separate account to access Zoho. Facebook

Track Twitter & Facebook updates on Tweetdeck

We have already seen Seesmic desktop client for Facebook updates and makers plan to roll out client with integerated Twitter and Facebook support. Tweetdeck, a twitter desktop client - bumps up this feature and now also support Facebook updates. Now using Tweetdeck you can track both

Manage Orkut friends birthday with Google Calendar

Ideally we have lot of friends added to our Orkut account. Remembering birthday of each friend and wishing him / her 'on-time' can be an ask. Now you can easily manage and wish Orkut friends 'Happy birthday' in timely manner without much effort using Google Calendar. Orkut profile page

Join Google Friend Connect using Twitter account

Google Friend Connect is a very useful service that allows you to build a community on your website or blog. Users can join the community using any account from AOL, Yahoo, Google or Open IDs. Twitter has joined this list. So, if you are an active Twitter user and want to be part of a

‘Power’ dot com for all socializing needs at one place

Power is a new startup that is creating lot of buzz these days. It wants to be one stop for all your socializing needs irrespective of social websites you use. How? Well, it neatly integrates access to number of popular social websites from one place. You can simultaneously login into

Integerate Adsense & Analytics for better performance

This buzz has been going around for a while now and finally it has arrived - ability to integrate your Google Adsense and Google Analytics account. This will be very good to understand user behaviour and tracking other aspects of money making with Adsense.