Track Twitter & Facebook updates on Tweetdeck


We have already seen Seesmic desktop client for Facebook updates and makers plan to roll out client with integerated Twitter and Facebook support. Tweetdeck, a twitter desktop client – bumps up this feature and now also support Facebook updates. Now using Tweetdeck you can track both Twitter and Facebook account updates from same interface – no more toggling windows.


As pointed by Tweetdeck blog, to get going click on Facebook icon at the top, sign-in and give authorisation. This will add a new column full of each of your friends most recent status update which updates automatically once a minute. From here you can email the update out to anyone, tweet it out over twitter, view the users online status and if they are online right now click on their name to open Facebook chat right within TweetDeck.

The other element is the ability to direct your tweet/update to post to twitter or facebook or both directly within the tweet window. Download Tweetdeck beta version with this feature. Being beta version, this update is not being pushed to all Tweetdeck users. Very nice beginning to mange multiple social lives @ Facebook & Twitter from one place, interested?


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